Anno 1701

Anno 1701

Simulates historical environments for strategizing and management
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The 1701 incarnation of the acclaimed Anno series puts players in the boots of 18th-century explorers, negotiants and military leaders providing opportunities for establishing, developing and conquering cities, businesses, and entire regions by collecting resources and building infrastructure.

Anno 1701, also marketed as 1701 A.D., is a video game with both real time strategy and city building elements, developed by Germany-based Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software company. It revolves around building and maintaining an 18th century colony in the "New World". It is part of the Anno series of games, the sequel to Anno 1602 and Anno 1503 and was followed by Anno 1404.

Anno 1701, like the other three Anno games, is a game based mainly on the economics of the settlement created by the player. The more skilled a player is at maintaining a balanced economy the more successful their settlement will be.

Anno 1701 is a fun and captivating game that will charm you with its beautiful graphics but will also tickle your pride in trying to become the strongest player.

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